Samsung Galaxy S22 for 258 euros: With a 40+ GB tariff and watch for free

O2 is currently offering a savings package with the Samsung Galaxy S22 and Grow tariff with 40+ GB data volume. The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic LTE smartwatch is a free gift. The bottom line for the premium Android cell phone in this O2 tariff bundle is only 258 euros.

With the Samsung Galaxy S22, the South Koreans have made a big splash. Technically, the S22 is one of the most important smartphone innovations of the year. With the cell phone provider O2, you get the top cell phone including all savings options

effective for only 258 euros

instead of 729 euros. To do this, use the current tariff campaign from O2. The savings deal includes the 128GB Galaxy S22 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic LTE 46mm.

S22 with Grow 40 GB tariff and free Galaxy Watch4 clock for EUR 41.99 per month.

This is how the Samsung S22 tariff deal works

O2’s special limited-time offer consists of the Samsung Galaxy S22 in black (“Phantom Black”) with 128 GB of storage and a matching Grow 40+ GB tariff (40 GB LTE/5G starting data volume). You pay 41.99 euros per month for 36 installments. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic LTE 46 mm in black is free as a bonus. One-time costs are 5.99 euros. All together that makes 1,517.63 euros in 36 months.

On offer: Galaxy S22 with 40+ GB tariff and free smartwatch

Comparative calculation:

For the bare O2 Grow tariff with 40+ GB without a smartphone, you pay 29.99 euros per month individually. In 36 months you will therefore come up with 1,079.64 euros.

If you deduct the pure tariff price without mobile phone (1,079.64 euros) from the tariff deal price (1,517.63 euros), you only pay 437.99 euros for the Samsung S22. You save around 291 euros compared to the cheapest provider in the PC-WELT price comparison (729 euros).

The smartwatch reduces the effective price

The smart wristwatch Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic LTE 46 mm in black included in the special offer costs 246 euros from the cheapest retailer according to the price comparison from PC-WELT. If you don’t want to wear the smartwatch yourself, simply sell the Samsung watch as a new device on Ebay. With a little patience, you can get an estimated 180 euros.

O2 includes the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic LTE 46 mm in the package as a free bonus.


O2 includes the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic LTE 46 mm in the package as a free bonus.


If you deduct the sales proceeds of 180 euros from the effective 438 euros for the Galaxy S22, you pay for the one that has not been available for half a year

Samsung smartphone only 258 euros


That’s in the Samsung Galaxy S22

The smartphone from Samsung’s flagship range has a screen size of 6.1 inches, 8 GB of RAM and is powered by the new Exynos 2200 chip. The display works with up to 120 Hz heart rate. As a result, websites, animations and games scroll smoothly and smoothly. The top feature is the triple camera system with a 50 megapixel main camera, telephoto lens and ultra wide angle.

On offer: Galaxy S22 at O2 with 40+ GB tariff and free smartwatch

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