Samsung invests in artificial windows that mimic sunlight

Except for the lack of a view, you hardly see the difference between the incoming sunlight from a real window and that of the SunnyFive fake window.

You can even choose to mimic the rising or setting sun, so that the artificial sunlight also enters your room at the right angle. In any case, the angle of the light changes during the day.

You can also choose different sunlight scenarios with the accompanying app, including twilight or the dawn. The color temperature and brightness can also be adjusted as desired.

According to Samsung, such an artificial window should help people in dark areas, devoid of natural light, to produce artificial vitamin D in the skin.

SunnyFive originated from Samsung’s incubator C-Labs. Samsung has not yet released information about the price and other specifications of the artificial windows.

In addition to SunnyFive, Samsung also pumps money into several other C-Labs startups. For example, Samsung supports the Hyler highlighter that digitizes marked texts immediately and the RootSensor, a new type of UV sensor that can be integrated into wearables, smart cars and buildings.


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