Samsung presents new Galaxy devices from 3 p.m. here in the live stream

Samsung is introducing new Galaxy devices at the Unpacked event today. And here you will be there live from 3 p.m.

Today from 3 p.m. the Samsung Unpacked event will take place, where new Galaxy devices will be presented. In addition to new foldable smartphones, the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro are expected, more on this later in this report. In addition, Samsung will certainly also give a preview of One UI 5.0, which is based on Android 13. The open beta for One UI 5.0 for Galaxy S22 models has already started.

As usual, Samsung will broadcast the event via live stream. You can register for the live stream in advance on this Samsung page and watch it there from 3 p.m.

Those who pre-order the new Galaxy devices can secure a gift worth up to 259 euros. You can find more information about this in this post.


We’ll provide you with all the information about the new Galaxy devices from 3 p.m. on!

What we expect for the Unpacked Event on August 10, 2022

Samsung introduced the new Galaxy flagship, the Galaxy S22, earlier this year. At the Unpacked Event 2022, the new models of foldable smartphones should be presented. To be more precise, that

Galaxy Flip 4


Galaxy Fold 4.

In addition, the

Galaxy Watch 5

and the

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

presents. Last year, the Galaxy Watch 4 (Pro) was also presented at the unpacked event in August. With version 4, Samsung switched from its own Tizen to Google’s WearOS as the operating system for its smartwatches. Here you can find our review of the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.

Last are the prices for the

Galaxy Watch 4 for well under 150 euros (here in the PC-WELT price comparison)

and at the

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic for less than 180 euros (in the PC-WELT price comparison)

dropped, which can be interpreted as an indication that Samsung is planning to release the successor models.

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