Samsung QLED TV already 400 euros cheaper

Together with our price comparison partner we observe the market and the retail prices of many products. Now we have a new, big fish on the net: The Samsung TV GQ65Q70T, i.e. a 65-inch Samsung QLED TV from the nobler QLED series, has become significantly cheaper on the market after only two months.

QLED TV after two months in the price slide

Launched on March 16, the TV was priced at 1,799 euros. Just a week later, this “non-binding suggested price” (RRP) was already 200 euros away. In the Montas rhythm, the television loses another 100 euros each and so we are currently landing at 1,369 euros market price for the television and thus 400 euros less than at the market launch about two months ago.

The price development in numbers

Important: The price trend actually describes established market prices, not short-term offers. They can appear again and again and undercut the price mentioned here by further, sometimes hundreds of euros. For example, Media Markt and Saturn offer quick-shot deals from time to time, in which even expensive televisions are traded for an hour or two well below the market price.

Here is the visual representation of the price drop:

The price development of the GQ65Q70T.

OLED, QLED, LED TV – important differences

In terms of screen technology, the QLED series is the higher quality Samsung TV series alongside the normal LED TV sets. However, QLED is not OLED, these devices – for example from LG – are even more expensive. Rather, QLED is a significantly improved LED TV technology.

With QLED and the Quantum Dot technology from Samsung that is used, the individual pixels produce a higher-contrast and more vivid image on the screen than the pure LED backlight can achieve. This is done using various filters that almost completely hide the LED light in the Samsung QLED TVs at individual points. Lighter areas become even lighter, darker areas even darker.

Samsung QLED TV
Samsung QLED TV in the price slide.

With OLED, on the other hand, the areas that should not appear black light up at all, so an even stronger contrast is achieved here. OLED televisions can actually cost small to large fortunes, as LG’s 2020 series proves.

Sony TV with 98 inches for 80,000 euros

Bad tongues claim that Samsung and other manufacturers would intentionally make the QLED label look a bit like “OLED” in order to pretend self-illuminating pixels. In the end, both technologies are good in their own way and the higher prices – compared to conventional LED TVs – are worth it.

The mentioned Samsung QLED TV from the 2020 series measures 65 inches in the screen diagonal, which is 163 centimeters, so it’s a decent distance. The screen resolution is given as 4K, i.e. 3,840 x 2,160 pixels in 16: 9 form. 8K televisions are still a whole lot more expensive right now.

→ Price comparison of the QLED television

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