Samsung wants to build a chip factory for billions of dollars in the US

Construction of the plant is expected to begin this year and the plant could be operational by 2023. That is what insiders say to the Bloomberg news agency. Samsung states that no final decision has yet been taken on plans for a factory in the US.

With the investment, Samsung would like to attract more American customers and compete with the Taiwanese market leader for chips TSMC. It is currently building a chip factory in Arizona for $ 12 billion and it should be operational by 2024. Samsung has already said that it wants to invest hundreds of billions of dollars in the development of chip technology.

Move production from China to US

With the arrival of a factory in the United States, Samsung is responding to attempts by the American government to counter the advance of Chinese tech companies.

America has long been trying to bring back manufacturing that has shifted to Asia, in the hope that it can support American companies and the country’s chip industry. Samsung is said to have already hired lobbyists to negotiate with President Joe Biden’s government.


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