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Samsung will launch a phone with a retractable screen in 2021

The South Korean newspaper Korea Herald reports this. Samsung has not yet commented.

Samsung has been making smartphones with foldable screens, such as the Galaxy Fold and the Galaxy Z Flip, for some time now. Those screens fold over around a hinge. The new technology involves a screen, much of which is bendable.

What the retractable screen will look like is not yet clear. It may be a screen that you pull out of a housing.

Samsung has already applied for several patents for similar technology for retractable screens. Those patents include a screen that appears when you pull it out of a small rectangular housing. Samsung could use this technique for portable TVs as well as for mobile devices.

LG and TCL are also working on this

Some of Samsung’s competitors are working on similar devices, including the South Korean LG and the Chinese TCL. LG would like to present a device with a retractable screen at the end of June 2021 during the Mobile World Congress fair.


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