Samsung will (probably) come with a cheaper Galaxy S20 on September 23

Samsung announced an event on September 23 called “Galaxy Unpacked for Every Fan”. In all likelihood, it will propose a cheaper version of the Samsung Galaxy S20 there.

In the news: Samsung just announced that it will host a “Galaxy Unpacked for Every Fan” event on September 23. You can follow that event from 4 pm Belgian time on their website.

What can we expect? Officially, Samsung has not yet announced what it will announce. Still, there seems to be little doubt that it is a cheaper one Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition will launch.

  • The short video announcing the event shows instead the A’s of Galaxy phones in different colors: blue, green, white, pink, red and orange.
  • The name of the event suggests that it is a so-called Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition.
    • The term “Fan Edition” dates back to 2017 when Samsung re-released the flopped Galaxy Note 7 – due to explosion – in a limited number of countries. That new version had a smaller, new battery and was therefore a lot cheaper.
  • The cheaper version seems – according to most rumors and a leak from Verizon – many of the features of the S20.
    • The Fan Edition also appears to feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor with 5G support.
    • The 120 Hz OLED screen would also be retained.
  • In other areas, Samsung will probably opt for a downgrade to save costs and to be able to market this new model more cheaply.
    • The resolution would be reduced from 1440p to 1080p.
    • The working memory and the cameras would also be of inferior quality.
  • Nothing is known yet about the price of this Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition.


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