San Paolo will be Maradona stadium, President Napoli promises

Aurelio de Laurentiis, the chairman of the Napoli football club, has promised on Thursday that the stadium of his club will be named after Diego Maradona, the Argentinian who died on Wednesday at the age of 60. De Laurentiis calls the former Napoli player a “unique, inimitable champion”. In its heyday, Maradona led the South Italian club to the national title twice. Napoli plays in the San Paolo stadium.

“Your weaknesses, your imperfections, your mistakes are on the same level as your immense magnificence,” says De Laurentiis, who compares Maradona to a “restless work” by the painter Caravaggio. “Unmanageable and wild, but grand at the same time.”

The name change was already suggested on Wednesday by Naples’ mayor Luigi de Magistris. “I believe it is right to name San Paolo after you,” said De Laurentiis. “In this way you can permanently witness the good path this team has taken. Your years here are etched in the memory of the people of Naples. You will always be with us.”


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