Sander from LuckyTV: ‘Jokes about bitch Bilal should be possible’

“No dude, that would be a great deal,” he says on Saturday Volkskrant Magazine. “Well, I’m not going to bash Islam, or Mohammed. Tragic as it is, I don’t feel like living in a barracks. In the past I’ve made videos with kneeling beards, but it’s not like that. that I have to let it consciously now. It just doesn’t get on my radar like that. “

A first version of the song about the Bilal riot was not broadcast by Beau’s editors. A second version, a day later, made it to the broadcast but was taken offline after angry reactions. “Beau said he didn’t want it on his conscience if that little boy would be bullied with my song. I understand. I would also like shit, and of course there is a chance. that bastard of a Bilal “, says Sander about it.

Yet there are things that Sander no longer jokes about these days. “I am also getting older and milder. If someone has already had a lot of shit on them, or has not chosen to get publicity, I sometimes think: never mind. Because how good is a joke like? it’s after a flight of stairs? “


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