Sander Schimmelpenninck honest about his equity

Sander is the editor of the business magazine Quote and makes quite a difference as a presenter of Dragon’s Den and On 1. He is regularly involved with the incomes and wealth of the largest players in the Netherlands, but he has never let go of his own salary slip. “I’m not a millionaire,” he assures Private TV. Sander says here that as an editor he has an annual income of 100,000 euros and his TV income is not yet included.

“I am hopeful that it will work out before I turn 40,” says Sander about his aspiration to become a millionaire. “I’ll be moving in the right direction, I will say. But as rich as those boys and girls in that Quote-list, I don’t think it will work. “He owes his ability to ‘hard work’, he explains further.” Of course I do a lot of things and I earn quite a bit of money with that. If I can keep that up for a while, I’ll have to make it. “

In the video below you can see which celebrities managed to make it to the Quote 500 list.


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