SAS will fly internationally again from June

In addition, the carrier uses twice as many aircraft as originally planned.

Like many other competitors, the Scandinavian SAS will celebrate its comeback next month. Beginning on June 1st, the carrier will gradually resume flight operations. The first step is to revitalize business within the Scandinavian peninsula before flying to international destinations.

From Stockholm there are connections to and from Malmö, Ängelholm, Kalmar and Skellefteå. In addition, air traffic to Helsinki and Turku (Finland) is to be resumed. In Norway, where SAS already serves all domestic destinations, it is now possible to fly from Bergen and Stavanger to Copenhagen and from Stavanger to Aberdeen. Long-distance destinations are recorded from Copenhagen – Amsterdam, New York and Chicago.

In addition, the fleet strength will be doubled in time for a restart from 15 to 30 machines. “In addition to the routes that are now being added to the flight program, SAS plans to offer more connections as the measures in many countries are relaxed again and the demand for travel in Scandinavia and worldwide increases,” the release said.


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