Saskia Noort denounces new feminist Instagram trend

Saskia doesn’t like those black and white photos on Instagram. They are placed under the guise of ‘female empowerment’, but the writer questions this. She was also approached to participate, she says in her column for it AD. “This week they suddenly rolled in, the DMs, in English of course,” says Saskia. “In which one power woman called up the other power woman with terms such as ‘badass’ and ‘amazing’ and that she had carefully selected you from all her thousands of connections, to also post a black and white photo of yourself with the text ‘challenge accepted’ and then forward it to fifty other power women. “

According to Saskia, it is an ‘old-fashioned chain letter’. Her entire timeline was filled with ‘selfies and hashtags like #WomenSupportingWomen, #foreverfemale, #WomenEmpowerment and more of these hollow phrases’. “I never understand that, posted by yourself, or your ass, or your tits as a feminist statement,” said the writer. She doesn’t mind if you want to post your beautiful holiday snap or be proud of yourself or show yourself naked, “but as a statement or empowerment I find it quite annoying.”

And that all has to do with the fact that Saskia sees ‘usually perfect heads, buttocks and breasts’. “Filtered so carefully that it leads to complexes and jealousy in other women, rather than feeling supported and understood,” she says. “Now we had to empower each other with a black and white photo and all the non-challenged and therefore apparently powerless women could enjoy the feathers that” amazing “sex partners threw each other in the ass. Nice and positive.”

Saskia likes to surround herself with power women, but one was not there with her last book presentation: Leontine Borsato. You can see why in the video below.


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