Satellite Internet from Tesla boss comes to Europe – leadership from the film industry

The Starlink service from SpaceX, the space company of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, is currently being tested in initial beta tests in North America. In the course of 2021, however, the satellite Internet service is to be expanded to a large part of the inhabited world. And preparations are already underway in Europe, as we now know: Starlink companies are now registered as providers of Internet services and devices in at least three European countries. And one of the managing directors has an interesting background.

From space films to SpaceX

As the newspaper Welt am Sonntag first reported, Starlink Germany GmbH was founded at the end of August at the German stock exchange and Internet location in Frankfurt am Main. According to a commercial register publication, their business purpose is to offer Internet services and to sell or rent the necessary accessories. And at the latest the stated management leaves no doubt that the satellite project of Tesla boss Musk is behind it.

As managing director of Starlink Germany, David Joshua Anderman is named in the excerpt. According to reports, he previously worked for LucasFilm Ltd. employed, the makers of the Star Wars films, and thus indirectly involved in the creation of the blockbuster cinema. According to different reports, he turned his back on the film company in 2019 or May 2020 and signed on to SpaceX – something like a step from an imaginary space world into the real one by Elon Musk.

Three Starlink companies in Europe

There is an account on Twitter that noticeably often publishes posts on SpaceX topics. At first it could not be clarified whether this is the Anderman named at Starlink.

Lauren Ashley Dreyer is named as the second person for the Starlink management in Germany. And the same duo is also responsible for a Starlink company founded in September in the Netherlands, as further commercial register searches show. Then there is Michael James Sylvester, who, according to his LinkedIn profile, is otherwise Senior Director for Taxes at SpaceX. And with the same staff at the top, a national Starlink agency is also said to have been registered in Paris, very close to the Champs-Elysées, in mid-September.

In the previous beta tests in North America, the cost of the space Internet with 895 satellites so far is 499 dollars for the receiver with the dish plus 99 dollars per month. With thousands more satellites, Tesla and SpaceX boss Musk wants to cover most of the inhabited world by the end of 2021, prioritizing areas not served by cellular networks.


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