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Satirical Massacre in the USA Movie

Excessive gun violence in Dayton and El Paso made the release of They hunt was postponed. Now this title of horror producer Blumhouse Pictures is still being put into circulation, but immediately online. A gory scene in a private jet is the prelude to a massacre of deplorables, the term Hillary Clinton used to serve as Trump supporters.

Elite left people

After being kidnapped, they are released on an estate, where they are shot one by one, shot down or blown up by elite lefties. Although not everyone is easily slaughtered in this B-movie with a wink. Crystal (Betty Gilpin) turns out to be an indomitable fighting machine that gives the involved liberals a biscuit of their own dough. That results in some dazzling battle scenes, especially with Athena (Hilary Swank).

In The hunt it is not moral equality, but a mutually enlarged enemy image that dehumanizes the opponents and makes them an acceptable target. The summary executions that result from this are morbidly amusing. Although less chilling than the idea behind it: that a new American civil war is not so unthinkable at all.


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