Saturn: Lenovo Chromebook convertibles at great prices

At the retailer Saturn you can get the strong Chromebook convertibles from Lenovo at reasonable prices.

At the electronics retailer Saturn, you can get some of the Chromebooks from the manufacturer Lenovo at top prices. For example, the Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 5 is currently available at a low price, saving you 100 euros.

Strong Chromebook convertible from Lenovo at Saturn

If Chromebooks were otherwise associated with being as cheap as possible, delivering little performance and not having a special display on board, the Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 5 will teach you otherwise. The Lenovo Chromebook has the powerful Snapdragon 7c Gen2 CPU and a brilliant OLED display that delivers deep black values ​​even with its Full HD resolution.

Multitasking, mobile gaming and more are no problem with the Lenovo Chromebook. And even better: thanks to its detachable keyboard, the Chromebook becomes a real convertible – use it as a tablet for watching videos or as a notebook for typing and working. Draw and write directly on the display with the included digital pen.

Chromebooks powered by Google’s Chrome OS operating system have a reputation for being simple, fast, and secure. This is mainly due to the fact that Google’s Chrome OS operating system is significantly slimmer than a Windows OS in particular. A cumbersome setup process is a thing of the past with Chrome OS – you simply log in with your Google account and then use all the popular Google apps that you already know from your smartphone. Factory data resets are also easy with Chrome OS. Furthermore, Chrome OS can be used in online or offline mode.

More Lenovo Chromebooks at Saturn

More Lenovo Chromebooks at Saturn


In Saturn’s online shop you will find a number of other Lenovo Chromebooks from the popular IdeaPad series, some at great prices.

More Lenovo IdeaPads at Saturn

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