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Satvika wants to get rid of her stage fright

The eleventh (!) Season of The voice of Holland is already in full swing and is watched well every week. New this year are The Voice of Holland Breakfast Sessions in which former winner Maan gives four talents a final push to further develop their singing talent. Maan gives tips to keep their nerves under control, move more smoothly on stage or write your own songs.

Open stage

Satvika Benistant is 28 years old and (“as good as”) born and raised in Amsterdam. She has been singing since childhood, and her best childhood memories are when she took part in the open stage in high school. Satvika: “Strangely enough I didn’t suffer from stage fright at all, I really loved those performances.”


Still, it didn’t seem realistic to make singing her profession, so she decided to study pedagogy. Satvika: “I learned from home that it is important to follow a course, so I finished pedagogy and also worked as a pedagogue for a while.”

Energy to sing

This turned out not to make Satvika happy and after a career switch she is now working in HR. “This works makes me much happier and also gives me more energy to put in singing.” For example, she now regularly posts covers on Instagram, but she doesn’t dare sing ‘live’ in front of an audience. So the Breakfast Sessions came at the right time for Satvika.

Morning dawn has gold in the mouth

The Breakfast Sessions with Maan take place, as the name says, in the early morning. A very conscious choice, because research has shown that we are most productive in the morning. The first hours of the day are therefore the ideal time to learn new things. But only after a healthy and nutritious breakfast of course.

Women make clothes

To help Satvika overcome her stage fright, Maan mainly works with her self-awareness and self-confidence. How does Satvika want to profile herself as an artist? And because clothing plays an important role in this, Maan has brought her stylist Diana Theys with her. The three of them set to work with the aim of letting Satvika sing radiantly and confidently in front of the audience.

Curious? Watch Episode 3 of The voice of Holland Breakfast Sessions here:


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