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Sauna industry is also on hot coals and the date of reopening is set

Following in the footsteps of hairdressers and shops, saunas now also want to open their doors again. And has decided to do so, unless the cabinet provides clear reasons why this is really not possible.

The sauna industry has issued a kind of ultimatum to the cabinet. Wellnessresorts say they will reopen on March 15, unless the cabinet by next Monday “gives reasons” why reopening based on their own plan “would not be responsible”, according to the Association of Dutch Sauna and Wellness Companies (VNSWB). know.

Responsibly open

The saunas state that they can safely open the doors again. They want to prevent people from sitting too close together by making a minimum of ten square meters for each visitor and by using rapid tests on location. “This guarantees the safety of guests and employees for 99.68 percent. The wellness resorts thus contribute to the enormous need among the public to relax responsibly and to do something good for body and soul. ”

If the cabinet rejects the request in a substantiated way, the sector will “comply with it”, the sector organization says immediately.

Sauna industry

Almost two weeks ago, the VNSWB sent its own plan to the cabinet, parliamentary parties and the Outbreak Management Team (OMT). No response has yet been received, says chairman Jos Keizer. “At the very least, we want a response. I cannot imagine that it will not happen if you adopt such a constructive attitude as we do. We assume that we are taken seriously, ”he says on behalf of the sauna industry.

The sector does not want to violate the law, Keizer nuances. “It is not really an ultimatum, but it is a very clear signal: do not forget us and look at what is possible.” The chairman of the sauna industry can imagine that ministers are very busy. “But I also see Minister De Jonge passing by in all kinds of talk shows, so he must have time for us too.”

According to the VNSWB, entrepreneurs in the industry are having a hard time. “We have to do something. I have members who desperately call me because they can’t make it anymore, ”says Keizer. If politicians don’t respond at all, he envisions companies looking for a way to “showcase our need.” “The water is up to the nostrils of the companies and patient waiting for the government is no longer an option,” the VNSWB writes in the message.

Wellness staples

All wellness companies have been closed since the lockdown took effect on December 15. They also had to close their doors as a precaution during the first wave of corona infections. The saunas were open between July and December, albeit for a smaller number of visitors than usual.

Even though people still had their strong doubts at the time, while others came up with beautiful spells. “Is your sauna closed: steam from your ears, on hot coals and swollen legs.”

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Sauna industry is also on hot coals and the date of reopening is set


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