Save 15%: Magic Keyboard for iPad on Amazon

The Magic Keyboard with trackpad lets the iPad float above the keyboard. At Amazon you can currently save up to 15 percent.

The Magic Keyboard is arguably the best way to protect your iPad from scratches in a case while turning the tablet into a mobile workstation with a backlit keyboard and trackpad. But the case also has its steep price: Depending on the size, you pay Apple 339 euros or 399 euros. The Magic Keyboard is currently available on Amazon with a German keyboard at a reduced price:

Save 15%: Apple Magic Keyboard (11″) in white for 287.88 euros

Save 13%: Apple Magic Keyboard (12.9″) in black for 347.98 euros

The case is of very high quality, and the feeling when typing is also very pleasant. If you still have doubts about the color selection, we can reassure you: we have been using the white case for about a year and have not noticed any discolouration, the cases are also very easy to clean.

Whether the iPad in combination with the case is a Macbook replacement depends on the individual area of ​​application. We answer these and other questions in our detailed practical test of the Magic Keyboard.

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