Save 245 euros: iPhone 13 with AirPods Pro in the O2 Grow tariff

O2’s August deal consists of the iPhone 13 and the new O2 Grow tariff. The AirPods Pro are free with this offer. This effectively saves you 245 euros.


new offer from O2

attracts with a well-coordinated trio: iPhone 13 with 128 GB memory, the O2 Grow tariff with 40 GB data volume and the Apple AirPods Pro headphones as a free bonus. Monthly 51.99 euros are due. The offer price includes the payment in installments for the iPhone over 36 months. A connection price does not apply. This results in a savings potential of 245 euros.

Secure iPhone 13 with O2-Grow and free AirPods Pro

The iPhone 13 in black with 128 GB offers the best price-performance ratio of all cell phone models from Apple’s 13 generation. The in-ear headphones AirPods Pro as a free bonus are optimally matched to the iPhone 13. The 5G tariff O2 Grow also fits in with this. It starts with 40 GB data volume and grows with it. Every year there is automatically 10 GB monthly at no extra charge.

How good is the iPhone 13 bundle?

The offer from O2 sounds exciting, but 51.99 euros a month should be carefully considered. How fair is the O2 deal really? If you add up all the costs and subtract the currently cheapest purchase price for the iPhone 13 and the AirPods Pro, you effectively save 245 euros.

Click here for the iPhone 13 with the O2 Grow tariff and free AirPods Pro

We have calculated:

For the black iPhone 13 you pay 819 euros from the cheapest provider on Idealo. You can currently get the AirPods Pro from Idealo for 195.95 euros. Makes a total of 1,014.95 euros.

For the O2 trio, you pay 51.99 euros for 36 months and 17.99 euros one-off costs, resulting in 1,889.63 euros. If you subtract the iPhone and the headphones at Idealo conditions (1,014.95 euros), you effectively pay 874.68 euros for the Grow tariff over 36 months.

Individually, O2 estimates 29.99 euros per month for the Grow tariff plus 39.99 connection costs. Makes a total of 1,119.63 euros in 36 months – instead of 874.68 euros effectively. This saves you around 245 euros.

Bottom line, a reasonable deal with devices and a tariff that will benefit you in the long term. Not to be despised: You get everything from a single source from a reputable provider.

iPhone 13 with O2-Grow and free AirPods Pro for 51.99 euros/month

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