Save over 500 euros now: Magenta home anniversary tariffs at Logitel

For the anniversary, Logitel is offering some top tariffs for Internet and mobile communications. In some cases you save more than 500 euros!

Logitel is celebrating its 23rd anniversary and offers many great deals where you as a customer can save a lot of money. Among the deals are numerous deals on mobile phone tariffs with smartphones, but also exciting offers on Internet tariffs from Telekom, Vodafone & O2.

Internet tariff Magenta Home M plus Fritzbox and repeater from 19.95 euros per month

A good deal awaits you with Deutsche Telekom’s DSL Magenta home tariffs. About get the

“Telekom Magenta Home M” tariff


Fritz box 7590 AX


Fritz repeater 1200 AX

from AVM for the offer price of only

1 €.


Connection fee is waived

and tariff charges amount

in the first 6 months to only 19.95 euros per month.

– after that the regular price of 39.95 euros applies.

Magenta At Home M – Save over 500 euros now

Magenta At Home M – Save over 500 euros now

© Telekom / AVM

Take out the “Magenta Home M” tariff including Fritzbox & Fritz repeater for one euro and save over 500 euros.

Directly to the Telekom anniversary tariff at Logitel

With the tariff you can save a lot. For example, you save the cost of the connection fee, which is usually EUR 69.95. Furthermore, you save 120 euros on the tariff costs in the first six months, such as any leasing fees for the router and its shipping costs

(not included in savings).

According to the PC-WELT price comparison, the cheapest price for the Fritzbox 7590 AX is currently 249.50 euros, the Fritz repeater 1200 AX is available from 74.90 euros –

You save a whopping 513.35 euros with the tariff.

Save more than 500 euros now with Deutsche Telekom’s Logitel tariffs

  • Network: Deutsche Telekom

  • Tariff: Magenta Home M

  • Maximum download speed: 50Mbps

  • Maximum upload speed: 10Mbps

  • Flat rate to the German landline network

  • EU roaming included

  • Other Features: 25GB Magenta Cloud Online Storage, Magenta One Advantage

  • Basic fee: Magenta at home M: 6 months 19.95 euros

    then 39.95 euros

  • Device prices: 1 euro

  • Connection fee: not applicable

More anniversary deals at Logitel

In addition to the presented highlight, you will find numerous other anniversary deals at Logitel. And there are not only DSL specials from Telekom, but also top deals on tariffs from the competition from Vodafone and O2 as well as special offers on mobile phone tariffs with smartphones and a competition – so don’t miss any deals and visit the Logitel campaign website -anniversary.

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