Save sporty: VW Arteon R Shooting Brake with a discount of 8182 euros

The stylish VW Arteon is not only available as a sedan, but also as a shooting brake – with a larger trunk and a particularly eye-catching design. Especially when the top model Arteon R and the Shooting Brake offshoot meet, it becomes visually and dynamically exciting. At least it brings Arteon R Shooting Brake its 320 hp from four cylinders thanks to the standard “4Motion” all-wheel drive on the ground in almost all road conditions and also knows how to convince in bends. The sharpened mix of coupe and station wagon is with one Starting price of 61,980 euros but anything but cheap. But you can save a lot of money with the right provider. At there is the VW Arteon R Shooting Brake with a discount of up to 8182 euros. This corresponds to a discount of around 13 percent (as of October 10, 2021).


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VW Arteon R Shooting Brake with discount

The VW Arteon R Shooting Brake is available at with a discount of up to 8182 euros. (As of October 10, 2021)

You don’t have to think twice before ordering the Arteon R Shooting Brake. After all, the model is always equipped with the 320 hp two-liter four-cylinder petrol engine in conjunction with a seven-speed dual clutch transmission and 4Motion all-wheel drive. Large parts of the optics and the equipment package are also predetermined when choosing the top model. The external appearance is dominated by the unusual lines and is rounded off thanks to numerous details in a chrome look and the 18-inch wheels. In the interior, comfort seats, a black headliner and a leather sports steering wheel are part of the good tone. On the technical side, an electronic differential lock and the adaptive chassis control DCC are supposed to bring the best out of the drivetrain onto the road. A visit to the VW configurator shows that this is far from the end of the flagpole. And that despite the basic price of 61,980 euros. At you can currently save at least 7392 euros when you buy the Arteon R Shooting Brake, the offers start at 54,588 euros. If you equip your VW with a few extras, you have the chance of the maximum discount of 8182 euros. Attention: Because of the transport costs, the discount will be slightly reduced.

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