Save up to 12 percent on the all-new Toyota Aygo X

At the start of the third generation of the microcar Aygo, Toyota uses a popular recipe. Because instead of continuing to rely on the urban roots of the Aygo, the bestseller is raised a little, gets plastic planking on the body and an X at the end of the name. Whether the Toyota Aygo X can benefit from the ongoing SUV boom remains to be seen. His regular customers are likely to remain loyal to the Japanese in view of the new design and the continued fair pricing. The crossover, which is just 3.70 meters long, is only available with one engine, a 72 hp three-cylinder petrol engine with a displacement of one liter. In the basic version, Toyota demands at least 15,390 euros for the new Aygo X. In view of this price, there doesn’t seem to be much room for discounts, nevertheless there are discounts of up to 2850 euros at (As of May 8, 2022).


Toyota Aygo X 1.0

Toyota Aygo X at a discount

The Toyota Aygo X is available at with a discount of up to 2850 euros. (as of May 8, 2022)

The choice of the drive is as easy (depending on the version you only have to choose between a manual switch and the CVT automatic), as complex it becomes when it comes to the right equipment version. Here Toyota offers no less than seven selectable variants. The largest discount is available at for the nominal top model, the Toyota Aygo X in the Limited Air version with CVT transmission. If you order the small crossover in this basic configuration, things like 18-inch alloy wheels, a particularly eye-catching look with color accents on the body and rims, JBL premium sound system, bi-LED headlights and automatic climate control are part of the basic equipment. For a small car, that’s quite remarkable. The Aygo X deserves the addition “Air” when a canvas folding roof can provide plenty of fresh air and a little convertible feeling if desired.

Small crossover with a 12 percent discount

Anyone who goes against the trend in the small car segment and orders the Toyota Aygo X so lavishly equipped must have at least 23,750 euros ready according to the official Toyota price list. At, prices start at 21,690 euros, which is almost 2,000 euros below the recommended retail price. If you give the crossover Aygo extras that are subject to a surcharge, such as specially designed door sills, a subtle refinement of the bodywork or other 18-inch wheels, there is a discount of up to 2850 euros. Attention: The transfer costs reduce the discount by a few hundred euros. (Here you will find all information about buying a new car on the Internet)

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