Saving money: With these tricks you save over 800 euros a month

1. We prepared our lunch ourselves and took it to the office

Before we moved, we almost never took lunch to the office. Instead, I went to the pizzeria next door almost every day and bought a salad there (often with a greasy dressing). Or I walked around the corner to the next bakery to get a vegetarian panini (it was greasy anyway). Sometimes I also ordered something from a delivery service.

It was the same with Tyler.

When we moved we decided to live healthier in the future. So we started preparing our food ourselves and taking it to the office.

And no, we don’t do that everyone Day but our goal is to do it at least four times a week. This makes our waist thinner and our wallet fatter.

Now we have calculated exactly how much we are saving.

Before we moved, each of us spent an average of $ 11 a day on lunch. With five working days a week and two people, that’s 110 dollars a week. Extrapolated to the month, it’s $ 485 (I assumed a month was 4.4 weeks).

Now we buy groceries for lunch every weekend, spending a total of $ 25 a week. If we additionally assume that we will still buy or order lunch again per week, we will now spend $ 205 per month on our lunch.

Monthly savings: $ 280

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