Saving with the VW ID.4: How to get the E-SUV significantly cheaper!

This is how you get the electric SUV VW ID.4 significantly cheaper!

With a range of 360 to 520 kilometers, VW’s first electric SUV is fully suitable for everyday use – but also quite expensive. So you can really save money!

Noh that E-compact ID.3 VW is now bringing its first e-SUV. The ID.4 is on the MEB electric platform and will be offered with different performance levels and battery sizes. The smaller drives with 148 to 175 HP and 55 kWh battery will not be available when the market is launched at the end of 2020. Only the 204 hp performance variant with a 77 kWh battery is available. It should travel up to 520 kilometers on one charge – and is quite expensive. But: At the ID.4 with 77 kWh battery in various configurations already offered well below the list price!

E-car accessories

Siemens – Wallbox VersiCharge 4.6 kW

Price *: 784.76 euros

Heidelberg Wallbox Home Eco 11 kW

Price *: 494.99 euros

Wallbox24 portable wallbox 3.6 kW

Price *: 199.90 euros

EV OneStop Simple Universal Charger 7.2kW

Price *: 379.99 euros

Morec portable EV charging cable 3.6 kW

Price *: 245.99 euros

* Prices as of February 25, 2020

Over 10,000 savings compared to the RRP

This is how you get the electric SUV VW ID.4 significantly cheaper!

Including a carwow discount, the ID.4 is available for 34,356 euros – a Tiguan is not much cheaper.

According to VW, the RRP for the ID.4 Max Pro Performance as 1st Edition is 58,439 euros. Including an environmental bonus of 7500 euros, you would still have to pay just under 51,000 euros. has listed the ID.4 in this version for 49,314 euros. That corresponds to an additional saving of 2564 euros! There are also other versions cheaper. With the 1st Edition Pro Performance, the additional saving is 1548 euros. And the ID.4 Pro costs just 34,356 euros instead of 35,850 euros including the environmental bonus.

Here you can find the offers from!


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