Savings banks warn: Beware of this SMS – this is how you recognize the fraud

The Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe’s computer emergency team warns of a new scam. That’s what it’s all about and how to protect yourself.

Savings bank customers now have to be particularly suspicious when they receive an SMS. Because scammers are currently sending SMS under the pretext that the registration for the PushTAN procedure would expire and the customer would therefore have to extend his registration. The SMS also contains a link to a website where this extension is said to be possible.

The savings banks are now expressly warning of these short messages. These SMS are fake and do not come from the savings banks and the website linked to them is a fraudulent phishing site on which savings bank customers are supposed to enter their online banking access data, their date of birth, as well as the data of their savings bank card and their telephone number. This sensitive data then ends up in the hands of the cyber gangsters.


The Sparkasse customer is not addressed by name either in the SMS or on the linked phishing website.

How to recognize the nasty SMS

The exact wording of the SMS may vary, here are some examples:

An example of a fraudulent SMS.

Another example of a fraudulent SMS.


Another example of a fraudulent SMS.

Android marks the SMS as spam.

Android marks this SMS as spam, at least on the smartphone we use with the current Android version.

How to react correctly

Delete the SMS immediately and do not click on the link. If you have already entered data on the phishing sites, then contact your Sparkasse immediately to block your online banking access.

SMS again and again

In the past, gangsters repeatedly sent SMS with which they wanted to get Sparkasse customers to enter their login and customer data on phishing sites. In the spring, the fraudsters claimed in their SMS that customers should switch to the pushTAN 2.0 process: Attention Sparkasse customers – new scam with pushTAN 2.0. In contrast, the text messages now circulating claim that the registration for pushTAN 2.0 would expire and would have to be extended.

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