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Savings subscriptions on Amazon: 7 products that you should subscribe to from now on

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There are products that we all buy over and over again – precisely because we need them all the time. For example, there would be toilet paper, coffee or dog food. Amazon recently poured this into a new order model and is thus responding to the needs of its customers. With the savings subscriptions from Amazon you can not only complete continuous orders and thus make your everyday life easier. The new service also saves you up to 15 percent on the products that you receive regularly.

Savings subscriptions at Amazon: take out and cancel at any time

The savings subscriptions from Amazon are free of shipping costs, can be canceled at any time and you can even skip deliveries. The process for such a Spar-Abo is very easy: You select “Spar-Abo” on the product page of your favorite products and then specify the quantity and the delivery interval. Before each delivery you will receive a reminder email that contains the products, prices and the discount. By the way, you don’t need a Prime membership to use the service. The savings subscriptions are available to all Amazon customers.

We have found 7 products for which a savings subscription via Amazon makes a lot of sense:

1. With the subscription you can get 10 percent on Zewa toilet paper save up

Zewa toilet paper – 13.37 euros instead of 15.78 euros (48 rolls) at Amazon * as a savings subscription

2. Get yours Favorite coffee regularly conveniently delivered to your home

Jacobs Barista Edition Crema – 14.99 euros instead of 13.46 euros (1 kilogram) at Amazon * with a savings subscription

Note: It can be even cheaper! Since you can even order five or more products per interval with this product, the price is reduced by a full 15 percent. You then pay around 12.74 euros for the Jacobs Bariste Edition Crema.

3. Dog food ends up in the shopping basket every month – with a subscription you save 10 percent

“SensiPlus” dog food from JOSERA for sensitive dogs – 29.98 euros instead of 33.31 euros (15 kilograms) at Amazon * as a saver subscription

4. You can also get spirits continuously sent to your home via Amazon’s savings subscription

Red wines “Doppio Passo Primitivo Apulia “- 42.69 euros instead of 44.94 euros (six bottles) at Amazon * as a saver subscription

Note: It can be even cheaper! You pay around 38.20 euros per delivery for the six Doppio Passo Primitivo Apulia red wines if you order five or more products.

5. Save up to 15 percent on Pampers diapers when subscribing to Amazon

Pampers size 2 Premium Protection Baby diapers – 37.79 euros instead of 41.99 euros at Amazon * as a savings subscription

Note: It can be even cheaper! In the case of Pampers Premium Protection, you can also order five or more products per interval. Therefore, the price is reduced by 15 percent and you only pay 35.69 euros.

6. No more lugging laundry detergent up the stairs

Ecover detergent color “Apple Blossom” – 30.16 euros instead of 31.75 euros at Amazon * as a savings subscription

Note: It can be even cheaper! If you order five products or more per interval, you save 15 percent and pay only 26.99 euros.

7. Did you forget to put the day cream in the shopping basket again? With the savings subscription from Amazon, you no longer need to worry about it

Level Natural Balance moisturizing day care – 5.05 euros instead of 5.61 euros at Amazon * as a saver subscription

Note: It can be even cheaper! From five products ordered per interval, the Nivea day cream costs you only 4.00 euros.

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