Scammers target home seekers: phishing email on behalf of WoningNet in circulation

Home seekers can respond to advertisements for available housing from various housing associations via WoningNet.

More phishing emails

Problems with phishing have been around WoningNet for some time. On its website, WoningNet indicates that since October 2020 it has received several reports of different types of phishing emails. According to WoningNet, people who have registered with WoningNet receive emails, but also people who have not.

At Fraud Helpdesk, people can forward scam emails to a special email address. According to spokesperson Tanya Wijngaarde, about 16,000 fake emails have been forwarded there since January 1, 2021, which supposedly came from WoningNet.

The e-mail is difficult to recognize as fake, because it has been used spoofing. This is a method in which the email address is very similar to the email address of the body that the scammers are impersonating. In this case, WoningNet. The email redirects to a website where you enter your bank details. That data then ends up with the scammer.


According to the Fraud Helpdesk, the subject line of the current fake email differs each time. Sometimes it says ‘My Woningnet’, but ‘Annual renewal costs for members’ and ‘Your registration’ are also used as subject lines. More examples of reports they have received can be found on the Fraudehelpdesk website.

Since WoningNet often has to deal with fake emails, the company has a video on YouTube about recognizing phishing and how they deal with it.

The text of the email (source: Fraudehelpdesk)

Dear customer,

Your registration with WoningNet Your registration will expire in 2 weeks. We will extend your registration by one year if you pay the renewal fee of €8.00. You can now pay with iDEAL, via the link shown below you will be redirected to our payment page.


Invoice number: SRA-00******

Would you like to pay via a standing order? this is possible after you have paid via iDEAL this year. You can change your payment method after payment in the overview of my data.

Next year we will then collect the renewal costs from your account. You will also receive a message about this by e-mail. More information about paying the renewal fees can be found on our website.

Unsubscribe If you do not pay within 2 weeks, we will unsubscribe you. Your accrued registration time and any reactions will then expire.

Yours sincerely,

WoningNet Manager Customer Contact Center

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