Scandinavian folklore for Switch: Röki sends you into a snowy fairy tale

Since last July is Röki available for PCs from GOG and Steam. Today the version for Nintendo Switch follows, which is presented in the launch trailer. Röki calls himself a “contemporary fairy tale adventure” and is the debut title of the indie studio Polygon Treehouse.

A game “full of adventure, courage and folklore” as well as “strange twists and turns in history and gameplay”. You slip into the role of heroine Tove and unravel the secrets of a mystical forest.

The developers Tom Jones and Alex Kanaris-Sotiriou, once employed by PlayStation and Guerrilla:

“For our debut indie title, we wanted to get away from the ‘shooty-shooty’ games we made on PlayStation – and create a game about family, adventure, monsters and friendliness. When we started development three years ago, the world was a very different place and we hope that the game and its content are more relevant and important today than ever. “

By the way, they also want to modernize the genre. In 12–15 hours of playing time, as promised. The gameplay is meant to be challenging but not unfair. Drag and drop, intuitive and unique. There are a lot of superlatives. Will you grab the Switch version in the Nintendo eShop today? The price of 15.99 euros applies until the end of the month, then 19.99 euros.

The Switch launch trailer for Röki

Images: Röki, United Label / Polygon Treehouse


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