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Schallen offers comfort in “The Singing Club” | Movie

Colonel’s wife Kate (Kristin Scott Thomas) sets herself up as the driving force behind the idea, but with her stiff, formal approach, no one gets along quickly. The rebellious Lisa (Sharon Horgan), married to another professional officer, does that better. However, real harmony only emerges when these two opposites, after a number of collisions, put their shoulders to the wheel and the two of them lead the choir. Until disaster strikes that threatens to stifle the voices of all choir members.

Perfect for Peter Cattaneo, who broke through as a director of The full monty (1997). Also from The Singing Club he makes a feel-good film with a smile, a tear and a choice of colorful characters: from the shy wallflower with the astonishing voice to the wild teenager with a small heart. All completely predictable, but not unpleasant. Also because it is always nice to see ice queen Kristin Scott Thomas slowly thaw.

✭✭✭ (3 out of 5)


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