School, friends, quarantine: countries make their own corona proposals

Chancellor Angela Merkel

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First in, then out – and now everything is completely different: before Chancellor Angela Merkel’s (CDU) deliberations with the Prime Minister on Monday about a possible tightening of the lockdown, there was a clear dispute between the federal and state governments.

The reason is a planned tightening of the corona rules in schools. So the classes should be halved. In addition, the federal government demanded that children and young people may only meet with a steady boyfriend or girlfriend. In addition, the following should apply from now on: You can only meet in public with a maximum of two people from another household.

After the federal government sent a new recommendation for a resolution late in the morning at 10.55 a.m., in which the school topic was to be postponed until next week, the federal states made their own proposal after research by has the paper at 1 p.m.:

According to this, the states are much more clearly than the federal government in simply appealing to people to reduce their contacts.

The federal states have deleted the Chancellery proposal to “go straight home to quarantine with every cold symptom and especially symptoms of the respiratory tract, for example a cough or runny nose”.

Also out is the regulation that children and young people are only allowed to meet with a steady boyfriend or girlfriend.

The federal states have also canceled a planned tightening of the contact provisions. The federal government wanted to stipulate that, with immediate effect, staying in public was only permitted with members of your own household and a maximum of two people from another household. The federal states only want to address this as an appeal to the people.

The new school rules planned by the federal government have also been completely deleted. The current state version now only says: “On October 28, the federal government and the states decided not to close schools and care facilities despite the dynamic infection rate. Reliable care helps to combine family and work. Education is essential for the future opportunities of the young generation. That is why keeping facilities open for face-to-face teaching in this area has a high political priority. “


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