School: the youngest return to class without any problems

As of today, Monday, a total of 700,000 pupils in elementary schools, AHS lower levels, NMS and special schools will again be taking classes in the classroom after nine weeks of distance learning. In order to reduce the risk of infection, the lessons were switched to shift operation, which means that only a part of the students is at the house at the same time. Children who need care can continue to come every day. Also apply to the schools now hygiene and distance rules.

Case in Vienna-Waehring

However, the children of a private school did not start school Vienna-Waehring. Due to a suspected corona case with a teacher, the school not even open in the morning.

In the run-up, directors and teachers had shown some skepticism whether the hygiene rules could be observed in younger students. In practice, however, it seems to work.

“The start of the school at the all-day elementary school Vereinsgasse in Vienna-Leopoldstadt was” very nice, absolutely uncomplicated and unexcited, “said director Gabriele Lener. In the agreed time window, all students were equipped with mouth-nose protection through the door assigned to them.

Director also described her as “very disciplined” Gabriele Huber the return of the students to the NMS Josef-Enslein-Platz in Vienna-Favoriten. The students are still very careful when dealing with each other. There were also challenges, of course: one child appeared, although according to shift work it does not have face-to-face classes today, another came to the staggered admission in the wrong time window. A student is coughing in the classroom because of an allergy, and Huber wants a medical confirmation from him. Overall, everything worked smoothly on day one – even if the pupils “naturally” came to the school building in groups.

“Better than expected” was the resumption of teaching at the AHS Astgasse Vienna-Penzing works, according to the director Hubert Kopeszki almost all of the pupils also came to class there. The young people comply with the obligation to wear a mask, and washing hands, which is instructed by the specially trained hygiene teachers, also works without any problems. Has uncertainty Kopeszki among the students did not notice that some even enjoyed the new school guidance system. The constant overturning of the timetables due to new guidelines from the Ministry of Education is tedious, the latest changes came on Saturday evening – for Kopeszki “a mockery”.

“Special classrooms”

In elementary school St. Vitus in Andritz the arrival of the students went off without a hustle and bustle: “We have three entrances, the age groups know where to enter the building. It worked even better than we had imagined,” was the director Elke Reisinger facilitated. Instead of a large shared farm break, there will be four farm breaks in the future, so that each year can spend a break outside. At the NMS for wood and design in Straßgang in the west of Graz the incoming students are guided into a guidance system so that they can get to hand hygiene as quickly as possible. “We take the print templates from the Ministry,” everything was “highly disciplined”, Haberl described. “The space in the classes is not a problem, but in the special classrooms” it could be tight “.

Also at BG / BRG Seebacher in the east of Graz there was no crowds: “We have two entrances and one school opens at 15 minutes earlier, “said director Wolfgang Kasperwho also welcomed the students in the morning via the loudspeaker system. They came with the public transport, many on foot and with their bicycles, but the bicycle cellar was not allowed to be used according to the specifications: “Fortunately we have new bicycle racks on the street. That makes it easier”. During the breaks, half of the currently around 250 pupils present are allowed to go to the school playground: “I would like it if they could spend as much time outside as possible and the lessons could also be moved outside. If everyone is willing to cooperate and flexible, then they will it will be fine. “

On the whole, the admission procedure worked very well, praised Stefan Pirc, Head of elementary school 8 Goetheschule in Linz, his students. In class you would also discuss everything directly with the children, then minor initial difficulties – such as first-class students and parents not knowing all the entrances – should be ironed out. “But where it spits is the care.” Because there were about as many children as registered, “but different than expected”. Here he hoped that the parents’ registration discipline would improve somewhat.


Had this problem Sandra Mayerhofer, Director of the NMS3 Stelzhamerschule in Linz, not, because there are only a handful of caring children. The biggest challenge at NMS3 was the punctuality of the students. Despite the staggered admission times, many were there earlier and “we had a bit of a run-in”. However, the children also had before school Most of them wore masks and kept clearances. Overall, everything worked well, “we even planned too much time” for the measures.

Also in front of the BRG Hamerlingstraße, also in Linz, several students were already waiting in front of the building half an hour before school opened, “because the parents are delivering the children so soon,” said the director Michael Schneider. Overall, he was satisfied with the process, masking and disinfecting worked well and “we start the first hour with hand washing”. However: “Keeping clear” doesn’t work because they are children.

At Vorarlbergs schools Both teachers and students were happy about the reunion and a dash of normalcy when the school buildings resumed teaching. The directors unanimously declared that the guidelines had to be met. “Everything worked very well,” said Christoph Wund from the elementary school Lustenau Church Village. “The children are there with very few exceptions, and almost everyone has a mask with them,” said Wund. All children had their hands disinfected when entering in the morning, which was exciting for some. The few parents who came with her were not allowed in school, the director had informed about this in advance. “We will get used to wearing the masks,” said Wund.

Annette Walter, Director of middle school Nenzing, was very positively surprised by the end of the “first day of school”. “Not one of the 150 children came without a mask, everything was very disciplined,” she said of her impressions. On Friday, the children were prepared for Monday’s events with the help of a film. The children would have been able to enter the building from 7:20 a.m., half an hour before class started. Walter stood at the front door himself and greeted each child personally. “The children were happy as rarely to be back in the school to come, “so Walter. The central cloakroom was disbanded and the children went straight to the places with their names.

As well on BG Bregenz Blumenstrasse showed up director Klaus König very satisfied with the discipline of the students. The admission control also worked very well with 270 students, “the last students were on ringing,” said king. Several supervisors also helped to ensure that the minimum distance was maintained. “I have the feeling that the students are happy,” he said kingafter he had given a school lesson himself.


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