Schüssel and Edtstadler: “If the EU didn’t exist, we would have to found it now”

What about a Union not just as a major trade power, but as a more social Europe? An illusion?

Bowl; This is even written into the contract. There you will find very, very many elements that sustainably support social justice. So now essential rights of workers, freedom of movement, vocational training and protection are provided throughout the EU, which did not previously exist. This has led to the social systems in countries where the situation was very bad, for example, being ramped up on a sustained basis.

There are of course several elements to justice: namely, that we as the European Union are the only ones who really have an eye on the global context. Two thirds of all development cooperation funds come from the EU. We invest and trade with Africa as much as the Americans or the Chinese put together. We not only take care of our own social standards, but we also help through a network of trade agreements that also incorporate environmental and social standards. The Americans, the Chinese and the Russians don’t do that.

We Europeans actually play the role model for many countries here. An American philosopher once said: “The American dream is worth dying, but the European dream is worth living.” And that is actually the most beautiful argument why this European Union exists and why we, for all of them Criticism, which is always there, should fight for this Union with a warm heart.


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