Schüssel “disappointed”: EPP examination by Orbán party canceled

The used last year Way Council the European People’s Party (EVP) to examine the situation in Hungary apparently does not continue his work. Donald Tusk, who took over the EPP leadership in December, “canceled everything,” said former Chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel (ÖVP) the Press on Sunday. He is “quite disappointed with this story,” said the member of the three-member council.

The Way Council the EPP should continue dealing with the right-wing conservative Hungarian party Fidesz from Premier Viktor Orban check after membership of Fidesz at the EPP because of the anti-EU course Orbans had been suspended in March 2019. A report from the panel has been waiting for months.

“Intensive dialogue”

The Way Council after his appointment by the former EPP boss Joseph Daul “entered into an intensive, emotional, even controversial dialogue. And in my opinion they also brought something further. Then came Donald Tusk – and suddenly everything broke off. I found that very strange, “said bowl.

The Way Council has “made a number of recommendations”, some of which have been adopted, said bowl. “Among other things, those relating to judicial reform, administrative jurisdiction – have been permanently withdrawn. It has also been accepted that European judgments must be implemented in any case. That has been done,” said bowl.

Tusk wanted to exclude Fidesz

Former EU Council President and ex-head of government Donald Tusk has the office of President of the Christian Democratic party family on December 1st – including the ÖVP heard – taken over. Only declared in April Tuskthat he wants to exclude the Fidesz party from the EPP this year. Tusk had failed at the beginning of the year to convince the delegates of the Fidesz expulsion.


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