‘Scottish clubs must make excuses for sexual abuse’ | Football

The Scottish Football Association (SFA) commissioned an investigation in 2016 after an “unprecedented” number of allegations of sexual abuse, which took place in the 1970s, 1980s and early 1990s in particular.

Hundreds of people were approached in the study. Of these, 33 victims gave personal testimony about harrowing incidents including sexual abuse and rape. Clubs like Rangers, Hibernian and Motherwell were mentioned in the testimonials, as was Celtic Boys Club, the youth club with close links to top club Celtic.

The report of the Independent Child Sexual Abuse Commission “calls on all clubs and organizations involved to be clearly, unconditionally and publicly accountable and to apologize to all those who have been victims of the abuse.”

“This should not be the end point of the journey, but a critical hub where the work that has now been done continues,” said committee chairman Martin Henry. He also said he hoped publication of the report would give victims a sense of personal justice.

Director Ian Maxwell of the Scottish Football Association SFA said he was deeply shocked by the content of the report and especially by the traumatic experiences that the young players had to endure. “I once again apologize on behalf of Scottish football to all those who have been victims of abuse in our national sport.”

Hibernian and Motherwell football clubs have also expressed their regrets and apologized. Celtic and Rangers have not yet responded to the report.


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