Screwdriver: 12 sets in the test

Which screwdriver got the hang of it?

It is present in every household and its simplicity falsely looks as if there could hardly be any differences in quality: the screwdriver. AUTO BILD KLASSIK feels twelve sentences on the tip of the blade.

D.the most universal tool is probably that screwdriver. Some also call it a screwdriver, but even this does not cover the full range of applications: it can not only be used to turn, loosen or tighten screws in all directions; Depending on the profile and length of the blade, it can also lever, plane, prick, chisel, scratch, fish or fix. In this Test of twelve sets of screwdrivers According to the test setup, it is about how well they fulfill their main purpose. By the way, we didn’t turn a single screw to find out! Instead, we had laboratory facilities available that map the requirements and loads that arise during use in exact measured values.

Screwdriver test: tool that is prone to breakage fails

Screwdriver test

Weak handles twist and then break.

© Joerg Maltzan / AUTO BILD

Two things are crucial with screwdrivers: the optimal transmission of the torque via the blade profile to the screw head and the strength of the blade material. Everyone knows the problem of a “round” blade profile. This often arises from misuse. However, it can also occur with proper use on correctly fitting screw heads if the blade material is too soft or too prone to breakage. At the very end, the Wera screwdrivers were at the front, and that has largely to do with the fact that they are the toughest: The six screwdrivers from the set called 932/6 have an average of 87 percent above the DI norm in terms of material strength! Presch (83 percent) and Wiha (79 percent) follow closely behind. The surprise: The Hazet discount brand Vigor scores better than the Hazet screwdrivers in terms of material strength. Vigor is 70 percent above the norm, Hazet is still a solid 60 percent. Also decent: the Bauhaus brand Sora with 52 percent. Sufficient for occasional use: the Lidl brand Parkside with 40 percent.

# Screwdriver in the test to offer

WERA 932/6 Kraftform Plus

Price *: 31.36 euros

Test result: very good


HAZET 802/5

Price *: 28.82 euros

Test result: good


WIHA 41002 Soft Finish

Price *: 26.58 euros

Test result: good


WITTE 670094 Pro Impact

Price *: 45.55 euros

Test result: good


HAZET 810/6

Price *: 18.09 euros

Test result: good



Price *: 17.47 euros

Test result: good


PRESCH screwdriver set 7 pieces

Price *: 15.99 euros

Test result: satisfactory


PARKSIDE chisel screwdriver set 6 pieces (Lidl)

Price *: 6.99 euros

Test result: satisfactory


SORA BASIC Home 6 parts (Bauhaus)

Price *: 9.95 euros

Test result: satisfactory


UMI screwdriver set 6 pieces

Price *: 6.95 euros

Test verdict: unsatisfactory


BGS technic 35835

Price *: 3.99 euros

Test verdict: unsatisfactory


KINZO screwdriver set 6 pieces

Price *: 3.75 euros

Test verdict: unsatisfactory

* Purchase price of the test product

In the Dimensional accuracy of the blade profile Not a single profile of the three Hazet sentences allows itself to go wrong. In addition, only the six Wiha profiles are also perfect. With all other sets, one or more screwdrivers do not exactly correspond to the DIN dimension. The only criticism of the otherwise perfect Wera set 932/6 is that the PH1 profile is not exactly the exact size – very good. Presch impresses with the second best material strength, but fails in terms of dimensional accuracy. So, in the end, are they all somehow good? No! There are total failures to complain about in three cases: Badly fitting blade profiles and soft blade material make the screwdrivers from Amazon’s house brand Umi not very practical. The BGS brand set suffers from blade anchors that are far too weak; all handles twist on the test stand, the blade breaks out. The quality of the last-placed Kinzo for 3.75 euros is almost subterranean: poorly fitting profiles, handles with ridges that burst in the test. The cheap products from Lidl and Bauhaus had previously shown that cheap does not have to mean bad!

Conclusion on the screwdriver test: Vigor is the tip in the 20 euro class. Hazet’s discount brand offers perfectly fitting blade profiles and high strength. If you add ten euros, you get the best bang for your buck at Wera: maximum strength, great handles. Lidl and Bauhaus prove that there is decent quality for less than ten euros. A tip for those who do not turn screw heads often.

The best screwdriver set: Wera 932/6 Kraftform Plus

The Wera 932/6 Kraftform Plus set offers excellent material and processing quality as well as an ergonomically perfect grip with a high hold. The blades have the highest material strength of all screwdrivers in the test. The only drawback: The PH1 did not correspond exactly to the DIN dimension, it was a bit too thick during the measuring gauge test. Nevertheless: clear test winner.


932/6 Kraftform Plus

AUTO BILD test grade

  • High strength
  • Matching blade profiles
  • Ergonomic handle


How AUTO BILD tested it

Screwdriver test

The heart of the test: the torque testing machine.

© Joerg Maltzan / AUTO BILD

Even simple tools require a professional test setup and experienced specialists. We test in the quality assurance laboratory of the tool manufacturer Hazet in Heinsberg (North Rhine-Westphalia). Here we find all test devices and aids that are necessary for a meaningful test. We buy all twelve screwdriver sets online, three times for each set. Because In the most important and toughest test discipline, the determination of the material strength, all screwdrivers are tested until they break. The stronger the blade and the more stable the connection between the blade and the handle, the more durable the tool. The test takes place on a torque testing machine. An electric motor turns the screwdriver clamped on the handle and blade tip. The blade tip is in a touchstone that matches the blade profile. The screwdriver is turned until either the tip of the blade breaks off or the handle on the blade twists. The latter should not happen, however, because the connection between the blade and the handle should withstand torques of up to 30 Nm according to DIN specifications. The torque values ​​measured at breakage form the basis for evaluating the material strength. The higher the value, the more points. The best in the test field receives 100 points in the material strength discipline.

The second most important test criterion is the dimensional accuracy of the blade profiles: Do they correspond exactly to the DIN specifications or the dimensions specified individually by the manufacturer? We measure slot profiles with an electronic caliper. In the case of PH and PZ profiles, we use good ring gauges to check: The cross profiles must sit free of play in the respective gauges, the head should come out easily, but not protrude beyond a marked level. We also use corresponding gauges for Torx heads to check dimensional accuracy. Each individual blade profile is checked in this way. If all screwdrivers in a set meet the dimensions, the set receives a maximum of 50 points. When evaluating the handle, ergonomics and haptics are important: If it is good and easy to grip in the palm of the hand, it is awarded a maximum of 20 points. In the rating table at the end you will find all the details, including the features of the respective screwdrivers.

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