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Sean Connery’s first James Bond pistol goes under the hammer

Good news for James Bond fans with a little (a lot of) money in surplus. Because Sean Connery’s 007’s first pistol will go under the hammer next month. Julien’s Auctions, the auction house that auctions the gun, estimates it will be sold for $ 200,000 (just under 170,000 euros).

The world first got to see James Bond on the silver screen in 1962. Ian Fleming’s character got into Dr. No. stature by Scottish actor Sean Connery. He eventually got into the super spy skin (and suits) seven times before passing the role to Roger Moore.

First gun

Meanwhile, more than five different actors have played the character, but to many fans, Sean Connery remains “the one and only James Bond”. It’s no surprise then that props from his movies are worth a lot of money.

That will (most likely) be proven again next month. Then at Julien’s Auctions the first James Bond pistol goes under the hammer. It’s about the Walther PP from Dr. No.. That’s a fake version of the legendary Walther PPK, which 007 always uses.

“Icons & Idols”

The prop will go up for auction on December 3. Julien’s Auctions expects the gun to yield about $ 200,000 (just under 170,000 euros). It is one of over 500 items from Hollywood classics featured in the “Icons & Idols Trilogy: Hollywood” auction.

Sean Connery

The gun was part of the collection even before actor Sean Connery passed away at the age of 90. News of his death was shared with the world on October 31. According to his wife, Micheline Rocquebrune, the actor had been suffering from dementia for years.

“He died in his sleep. It was so peaceful. I was with him the whole time and he just slipped away softly. It was exactly what he wanted, ”she told the British Daily Mail.


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