Seat and Cupra raise prices shortly after the turn of the year

Seat will raise prices slightly in the coming year. According to industry insiders, customers will have to be on 01/11/22 a price increase of two percent to adjust. At a vehicle price of 30,000 euros so far, that’s 600 euros more. In addition to Seat, the new prices also apply to the Spanish sports brand Cupra. There are, however, exceptions. So the Seat Ibiza, Seat Arona and the Cupra Born remain at their previous prices for the end consumer.

In the current year 2021, many manufacturers were already raising their prices. The reason for this was the still existing one Lack of chips in the automotive industry. With the price increase, the Spaniards are now following suit. So if you are just about to order a new car, you can currently still save.

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