Seat Arona used: prices, information, strengths, weaknesses

The small Seat Arona combines good space with a spirited note thanks to its agile driving behavior. The most important information for used car buyers from the AUTO BILD TÜV report!

Seat Arona

Construction time: since 2017
Engines: 90 PS (1.0 TGI) to 150 PS (1.5 TSI)
Price: from 13,500 euros
Occupant safety (Euro NCAP crash test 2017): 5 Stars

Seat Arona in the AUTO BILD used car market

That’s him: A Spanish mini crossover with a decent variety of engines and equipment. The three-cylinder petrol engine is not only available in several power levels (95, 110, 115 PS), but also as a natural gas variant TGI with 90 PS. Above this is the 1.5 TSI, a four-cylinder petrol engine with 150 hp, which optionally sorts the gears with a dual clutch transmission (DSG). DSG also offers Seat for the weaker of the two 1.6 TDI (95 and 115 PS) on. But the diesel engines are second choice for Arona-Customers, almost 90 percent opt ​​for the gasoline engine.
Seat Arona TGI - natural gas CNG

The Seat Arona is also available as a TGI natural gas variant with 90 hp.

He can do that: It is about 1.2 tons light Arona around 20 centimeters shorter than a Leon, the space is still on a compact car level. In addition, thanks to the 61.5 centimeter seat height, you can climb into the mini-SUV in a way that is very easy on your back. Especially at the back it is convincing Arona with headroom and space for knees etc. Fear of longer tours for four is therefore unfounded. Also because the suspension comfort (adjustable suspension optional) is one of the better in this class and the trunk swallows 400 to 1280 liters. A good choice is the 110 or 115 hp three-cylinder. It not only has a little more power, but also a better graded six-speed gearbox (95 hp only with five-speed). Consumption of six liters makes diesel superfluous. With four different lines (Reference, Style, Xcellence and FR) the Arona Customize extensively. However, there is no all-wheel drive.

That causes trouble: New software helps with small electronic faults (mirrors do not fold out). The DSG of the gasoline engine is annoying with long shift times, the six-speed gearbox is more enjoyable. The middle seat belt buckle triggered a recall, as it could open unintentionally while driving.

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TÜV judgment

landing gear
It comes almost completely free of errors Arona through the landing gear chapter. The little one completes the disciplines of axle suspension, springs and dampers, drive shafts, steering and grate brilliantly. Only in rare cases did the testers note too much play on the steering joints.
When it comes to light, the Arona hardly lets anything burn. The error rate of daytime running lights and fog lights alone corresponds to the class average. The rest of the lighting of the Seat on the other hand, it presents itself better than the average.
The Spaniard’s weakest chapter. Brake hoses and lines are always fault-free and the function of the foot and parking brakes is no more susceptible than average. But the brake discs are a weak point. Here the defect rate is higher than the overall average in this vehicle class.
A strong chapter for the smallSUV. Oil loss? Only very rarely. Problems with the emissions test? Exceptional cases. And when checking the exhaust system, no tester found anything – so far the exhaust has always been error-free.

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