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What could be nicer in cold temperatures than being warmed up again in the car by the heated seats? It’s a shame if the car doesn’t have heated seats. Nevertheless, you don’t have to do without comfort: a cheap alternative to the expensive ticks on the equipment list (e.g. in the VW Golf as part of the winter package for 625 euros) are heated seat cushions. The heating mats are available for less than 20 euros. But are the cheap solutions good in practice? AUTO BILD tested nine models from 11 to 54 euros in 2019.

Winner in the AUTO BILD seat heating test: Mobicool Mh40 S

Mobicool MH 40S

MH 40S
  • balanced heat output
  • clever cable storage
  • secure attachment
  • cozy padding

Price €34.99

The test winner Mobicool MH40 S impresses with its good workmanship and comfortable upholstery with lumbar support – a real upgrade for the car seat. In the test, the edition from Mobicool received the grade “very good”.

Price-performance winner OK Cars seat cover with heating

OK Cars seat pad with heating

Seat pad with heating

OK Cars

Seat pad with heating

  • good heating performance
  • solid attachment
  • decent padding
  • the bright LED can dazzle

Price €17.45

Good product at an affordable price: The seat cover with heating from OK Cars convinces with good heating performance, solid attachment and decent padding. The very bright LED (can dazzle) is more of a complaint at a high level. Especially since the OK Cars edition is hot on the heels of the test winner with a final grade of “good +”.

How AUTO BILD tested it

The best products 2019 seat heaters

The temperature profile was measured with several thermometers and a dummy.

A dummy on the seat cushion, thermometer on the backrest and seat surface: Then, at certain time intervals, how quickly the cushions heat up was measured. The seat cover should warm up to temperature as quickly as possible and keep it there. The test editors then sat down themselves and incorporated the subjective impression. It was also evaluated how comfortable the pad is in terms of shape, padding and additional features. The installation and connection was evaluated in the “Operation” chapter.

Video: Heated Seat Pads (2019)

Seat heating for retrofitting

The test results at a glance

Unfortunately, the most expensive model (Klingleting) is disappointing as soon as it is unpacked: the support is only 30 centimeters wide. At best, one buttock gets warm – the comparatively high-quality leather cover hardly makes up for that. The APA seat pad is wide enough, but stays cold at the edges. And the support of HP car accessories only reaches 25 degrees in our measurements. The heating mats from Ok Cars and Dometic (Mobicool) show that there is a better way: They heat up quickly and distribute the heat evenly. The Lescars pad is a safety risk: The rubber straps for attachment can affect the side airbag when it is triggered – a shortcoming in terms of safety, which is why it is only enough for the last seat here.

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Heated Seat Pads: Test Results

Conclusion on the seat heating test

The seat cushions for retrofitting are not a feast for the eyes, but in winter warmth is important – and it is available here quickly and reliably. Tip: Keep an eye on the side airbags when installing!

What should you pay attention to when using a heated seat cover?

car battery: The car battery has a lot to do in winter anyway, and running a heated pad costs additional energy. You should therefore make sure that the distance traveled is sufficient to recharge the battery or to connect the battery to a charger from time to time. Also important: Some 12-volt sockets are still live when the ignition is switched off, so switch off the heating before you get out, otherwise there is a risk of battery death.

Fit: The heating mat must fit well in the car seat and should not slip if possible. It should also be wide enough to ensure an even supply of heat.

Airbags on the seat: If the seat has side airbags, these should not be covered by belts or elastics, otherwise they could impair deployment.

Comfort: If you value comfort, you should pay attention to good padding. In addition, some seat cushions offer different heating levels.

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