Seat Leon (2021): Everything you need to know about the Golf brother

● Seat Leon starts in the base at 21,090 euros
● New Leon only available as a five-door and station wagon
● Visually related to Seat Tarraco and Cupra Formentor

What the Golf is to VW, the Leon is to Seat. The compact model is popular and has a certain visual flavor. The compact model has been in its fourth generation since April 2020 as a five-door and as a station wagon at the dealer. The three-door is not applicable!

Price: Seat Leon starts at just over 20,000 euros

The Seat Leon is a little cheaper than its corporate brother, the Golf. The Spanish sister model starts at 21,090 euros, all entry-level prices at a glance:

Gasoline engine:

● Seat Leon 1.0 TSI (90 PS); Equipment: Reference; 5 speed transmission
from 21,090 euros.

● Seat Leon 1.0 TSI (110 PS); Equipment: Reference; 6 speed transmission
from 22,090 euros.

● Seat Leon 1.0 eTSI (110 PS); Equipment: Style; 7-speed DSG
from 26,520 euros.

● Seat Leon 1.5 TSI (130 PS); Equipment: Style; 6 speed transmission
from 24,970 euros.

● Seat Leon 1.5 TSI (150 PS); Equipment: FR; 6 speed transmission
from 27,690 euros.

● Seat Leon 1.5 eTSI (150 PS); Equipment: FR; 7-speed DSG
from 30,170 euros.

● Seat Leon 2.0 TSI (190 PS); Equipment: FR; 7-speed DSG
from 31,540 euros.

Natural gas:

● Seat Leon 1.5 TGI (130 PS); Equipment: Style; 6 speed transmission
from 27,720 euros.

● Seat Leon 1.5 TGI (130 PS); Equipment: Style; 7-speed DSG
from 29,520 euros.


● Seat Leon 2.0 TDI (115 PS); Equipment: Reference; 6 speed transmission
from 25,520 euros.

● Seat Leon 2.0 TDI (150 PS); Equipment: Style; 7-speed DSG
from 30,700 euros.

Plug-in hybrid:

● Seat Leon 1.4 e-Hybrid (204 PS); Equipment: FR; 6-speed DSG
from 35,840 euros.

Buy: Seat Leon with discounts

The new one is particularly popular Seat Leon as a mild hybrid. At (cooperation partner of AUTO BILD) there are attractive models for this model Discounts. the maximum savings of 12,148 euros there is, as is so often the case with the nominally highest equipment variant called FR Plus and one or the other extra. For a list price of at least 28,680 euros, Seat offers the compact in the sportiest styling and garnishes this package with numerous safety and comfort features such as LED headlights, three-zone automatic air conditioning and the digital instrument cluster “Virtual Cockpit”. At the prices of the FR Plus start at 24,351 euros – that’s a saving of 4,329 euros or almost 15 percent.


Seat Leon

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Car subscription: come spontaneously to the Seat Leon

If you want to drive the Seat Leon, or a comparable compact model from the VW Group, spontaneously for a shorter period of time, you can take a car subscription from VW Financial Services. A compact sedan costs there from 489 euros / month for a minimum term of three months. That Minimum age for subscription is 19 years, the driver’s license must have been in possession for at least one year. The monthly Inclusive kilometers are 800 kilometers. The monthly fee includes the use of the vehicle as well as the costs for registration, vehicle tax, vehicle insurance, maintenance, wear repairs, inspections and all-season tires. Fuel costs are not included. You can find more information on the subject of “car subscription” here.

Car subscription


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Driving: The 1.5 TSI goes well with the Leon

The 1.5 liter Turbo petrol 1.5 TSI probably one of the best engines for the 1361 kilograms be serious Leon. With his 150 PS and 250 Nm he accelerates the car in good 8.4 seconds from a standing start to 100 km / h, given the top speed of 221 km / h but it is surprising that the Leon from 170 is having a hard time. With his standard sports suspension the Leon springs quite crisply as FR, the 17 inch wheelset with tires in the format 225/45 ensures sufficient residual comfort. Particularly noteworthy is that good coordination of the front axlewhich allows the Spaniard to steer more precisely than his predecessor. There are also good grades for that Seven-speed DSG, which at no time leaves a desire for a manual transmission. You can find the full driving report here!

Comparison test: Leon just behind the Golf

In the AUTO BILD comparison test, the Seat Leon had to compete with the group brother VW Golf 8. Though convinced the Spaniard with a better space and a lower price, but he left important points about the golf in comfort and equipment. So the platform brother has to become the top dog from Lower Saxony give up. The result, however, is more than close, The Spaniard is only two points short of the golf (Seat Leon: 562 out of 800 points / VW Golf 8: 564 out of 800 points.) This means that the Seat is also a recommended compact car that is equipped with VW Group technology.

The conclusion: Really strong, this Leon. It drives well, offers a lot of space and costs less than the Golf. It can just hold its own in comparison, because Seat drives up with poor equipment. But that can look different in the next test.

Design: Leon with a new brand face

It is clear at first glance: everything is new with the Leon. The front bears the brand face and is reminiscent of Tarraco and Cupra Formentor. Just like the two SUVs, the Leon has a narrow grille and headlights that are offset to the rear. Brand new: LED is standard with immediate effect, full LED is available at an additional cost.
Seat Leon FR !! Embargo on January 28th, 2020 at 8:00 p.m. !!

The continuous light strip looks good on the Leon. However, it costs an extra charge.

The creamy side of the Leon is the rear. Following the current trend, the compact has a continuous strip of lights including dynamic indicators and light staging when unlocking – which is unfortunately not standard. In the base, the rear lights are connected to a reflector, similar to the Tarraco. Even professionals have to look twice at the exhaust pipes before it becomes clear that the Leon in the FR line shown has fake tailpipes – which, admittedly, are well made.

Dimensions: Octavia-level wheelbase

Seat Leon e-HYBRID

With the wheelbase increased by 50 millimeters, the Leon is well ahead of the Golf 8 (2.64 meters) and exactly on the same level as the Skoda Octavia.

Compared to its predecessor, which has been available since 2012 and sold more than a million times, the A-pillar of the Leon has been moved to the rear and the front has been lengthened. “Length” is a good keyword because the compact one has grown.

Dimensions in detail

● Length: 4.37 m
● Width: 1.80 m
● Height: 1.46 m
● Wheelbase: 2.69 m

Station wagon
● Length: 4.64 m
● Width: 1.80 m
● Height: 1.45 m
● Wheelbase: 2.69 m

With the wheelbase that has grown by 50 millimeters the Leon is well ahead of the Golf 8 (2.64 meters) and exactly at the same level as the new Skoda Octavia, which is also on the MQB evo platform.

Interior: Lots of space on the back seat

The interior of the Leon is tidy, almost minimalist – almost all buttons and buttons have been saved. Compared to the Golf 8, even the quick selection buttons around the hazard warning lights have been omitted. The display is now higher than on its predecessor and is better in the driver’s field of vision. Another analogy to the Golf 8 is the tiny “shift-by-wire gear knob” in the center console, which only the DSG versions get.

Seat Leon FR !! Embargo on January 28th, 2020 at 8:00 p.m. !!

The space in the rear is more than ample. The rising window line disturbs the view outside.

The Leon’s space and seating position offer no reason to complain, and the view to the front is great. The Leon can completely convince in the rear. Not only has entry been made easier, the space has also been significantly improved – here you can feel the five centimeters longer wheelbase compared to the Golf 8. The safety functions integrated into the surrounding ambient light, including the Blind Spot Assistant and the Exit Assistant, which warns of approaching cyclists, are particularly elegant.

There is a tie between Wolfsburg and Barcelona when it comes to the trunk volume, which is identical to 380 liters. Only when the rear seats are folded down is the Leon in the front again with 1300 liters. The Leon ST combination version offers 617 liters and thus 30 liters more than its predecessor.

Connectivity: Basic Leon with analog instruments

The Spaniards are particularly proud of the new connectivity and declare that the Leon is the brand’s first fully networked car. The centerpiece is the fully digital 10.25-inch instrument cluster, which is very easy to operate using the right-hand steering wheel buttons. Unlike the Golf 8, the basic version of the Leon is still available with analog round instruments, which should please fans of the analog age in particular. The infotainment display sits on the center console and measures 8.25 inches. A ten-inch touchscreen with navigation system, Android Auto and wireless Apple CarPlay is available for an additional charge. The system was developed entirely by Seat.

Seat Leon (2020): Connectivity – Test – Infotainment – Apple Carplay – Android Auto

The new Seat Leon is so well connected

When it comes to voice control, the Spaniards have stepped up. The driver in the Leon can use voice commands to control various vehicle functions, including the air conditioning. There is also a little gimmick: The activation word is: “¡Hola, hola!“Amazon Alexa has also been on board since mid-June 2020. The sensor buttons for the light settings to the left of the steering wheel come one-to-one from the Golf 8. What is missing is a head-up display – this is not even available in the Leon for an extra charge . Too bad. (You can find the connectivity check for the Seat Leon here)

Conclusion by Andreas Huber: Seat proves that it is possible to implement a usable infotainment system without buttons. The wireless connection of the phone to the car and the meager voice control, however, have some drawbacks.

Motors: XXL drive range

Just like the Golf 8, the Leon comes with an XXL engine range. TSI, TDI and CNG engines are available, as well as mild hybrids and, for the first time, a plug-in hybrid. It starts with the optionally 90 or 110 PS strong 1.0 TSI three-cylinder. Above that is the 1.5-liter TSI with 130 or 150 hp. The largest petrol engine below the Cupra Leon is the 2.0 TSI with 190 PS, which is not available in this performance level in the Golf 8.
Seat Leon ST

The base of the Leon comes with 16-inch rims. The FR always has 17 inches, 18-inch models cost extra.

For the diesel engines, Seat relies on a 2.0 TDI in three versions, all of which should meet the Euro 6d-TEMP emissions standard. The CNG variant (natural gas) has 130 hp and should offer a range of 440 kilometers. The two mild hybrids (1.0 TSI with 110 PS and 1.5 TSI with 150 PS) including a 48-volt electrical system and DSG are brand new. With the plug-in hybrid, the Leon relies on the same 1.4 TSI with 204 PS and around 60 kilometers of purely electric range (as in the Golf 8).

The trip to the presentation of the Seat Leon was supported by Seat. You can find our standards of transparency and journalistic independence at

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