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Second Christmas album Trijntje Oosterhuis is there: Wonderful Christmastime

For her second Christmas album Wonderful Christmastime Trijntje Oosterhuis is doing a great job with the Concertgebouw’s jazz orchestra. “It is an outburst of musical happiness and you can hear that.”

Ten years ago Trijntje Oosterhuis already released a Christmas album with the title This Is The Season. She decided to do that all over again with a full-fledged big band. After traveling the country for four years to perform Christmas repertoire in churches in an intimate acoustic setting, she had hoped to perform with the Jazz Orchestra Of The Concertgebouw in the Ziggo Dome in December, where she celebrated her 25th anniversary one and a half years ago. artist anniversary celebrated.

Unfortunately, that plan fell apart due to the corona crisis, but an album full of Christmas songs is nevertheless ready. “It is very nice sophisticated jazz, but it is accessible because it is Christmas”, she says about the album. “That makes it accessible for people that they are listening to quite high-profile jazz at some Christmas classics without realizing it. That’s the nice thing about this segment. ”

Mariah Carey

Many of the songs on this Christmas album date back to the era of swing orchestras, in the heyday of artists such as Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, The Ratpack and Bing Crosby. Only three numbers are of a later date: This Christmas from 1970s soul singer Donny Hathaway, Wonderful Christmastime from 1979 ex-Beatle Paul McCartney and the Mariah Carey classic All I Want For Christmas Is You from 1994.

Oosterhuis says it was a “challenge” to give that cheerful ’90s Christmas hit from the American pop diva a swing jacket. “It can also go completely wrong,” she laughs. “Personally I think it worked out well, but all credit and praise go to the arrangers. These are really good guests and it worked out really well. ”

Trijntje Oosterhuis wants to highlight beauty on a Christmas album

Duet with Jeangu

On the album Trijntje Oosterhuis duets with Alain Clark, Steffen Morrison and Eurovision candidate Jeangu Macrooy, with whom they Someday At Christmas from Stevie Wonder sings. “From Someday At Christmas we only decided to include it at the last minute. We didn’t want to do it at first, until we could get Jeangu and then we thought it was the best thing to sing together. ”

Another version of Someday At Christmas could already be found on her Christmas album from 2010. “Sometimes you can repeat a title if it has added value. This version is with him and with a big band and it was indeed ten years ago. This one was only added at the last minute, so it was not at the expense of another song. It’s an extra. ”

Little blood hot

The album was recorded in two days in August, during a heat wave. “It was very hot”, the singer sighs. “The whole studio was filled with Christmas decorations. It was hilarious. We really made it into something fun. ” She claims it was “not at all difficult” to get in the Christmas mood despite the warm weather. “I really like music, so that goes without saying, dude!”

“That is no problem at all for me. I sing love songs or songs that connect all year round. These songs have Christmas lyrics, but they do have the same heart and soul, so it’s not very different for me. For me that is separate from the symbolism of Christmas. ”

A photo of a singing and dancing Trijntje Oosterhuis

Doom and gloom

The only non-seasonal song on Wonderful Christmastime is What A Wonderful World by jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong from 1967. The message of the hopeful ballad is timeless according to Oosterhuis. “I had What A Wonderful World can also record for one of my other albums. ”

“If it had been released in May, it would have been there too, but I am now releasing a record and given the current events I thought this song was very nice as a counterpart to all the doom and gloom. I refuse to sink into it. I want to highlight the positive and the beauty of things. Finding the connection between people with beautiful songs. ”

A photo of a dancing Trijntje Oosterhuis

Big family

Christmas looks very different for the singer this year, as is the case for everyone else. “Normally I am always on the road around Christmas time. The children go on and on, because they are already growing up. The babysitter will also join you. My daughter will then hand out Christmas wreaths in church. I used to do that when I went with my parents. Very cosy. Furthermore, dinner with the family at home and my brother (Tjeerd, ed.) Is also always birthday. ”

“We all have super-sized families on all sides. When everyone is together, there are about a hundred men. Previously there was a karaoke set, so that everyone could sing a song. That was pretty hysterical. We haven’t done that for a long time, because everyone also works in those weeks and months around Christmas. ”

Plans for 2021

“I’m busy now because the record will be released, but we’re not going to sit together now,” Oosterhuis continues. “We are of course careful. That is a challenge, how we do that this year. ” The Christmas album will definitely get a sequel, if it is up to her. “I had hoped to perform in the Ziggo Dome this year and tour the country with the Jazz Orchestra. Unfortunately that is not possible, so the Christmas shows will continue next year. ”

“I’m glad that at least the record is still there. What we can do is try to do a live stream to give people something fun. ” She also reveals that she will release a third studio album next year with songs by Burt Bacharach; the first since 2007. “It is such a delicacy,” she says of the collaboration with the now 92-year-old Bacharach. “It is a certain kind of professional partnership. I still learn from that every time. ”

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