Second corona vaccine is also almost ready

After Pfizer previously published good news about a corona vaccine, there are also positive reports from the other pharmaceutical companies. The Belgian CEO Bruno Holthof of Oxford University Hospitals announced on Sunday that the so-called Oxford vaccine is almost ready.

Holthof said in The Seventh Day that the vaccine from the University of Oxford and the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca is almost ready. “Our vaccine is in phase three, which means we are close to the finish line,” he said. “Of course we only have a vaccine if a regulatory authority approves it.”

Keep less cool

While Pfizer comes out with a vaccine that is 90 percent effective, Holthof did not release percentages of effectiveness. He did say that the Oxford vaccine is consistent with the Pfizer vaccine. “Both vaccines target the spine protein. Pfizer’s high degree of protection is therefore also good news for the other vaccines, all of which will trigger an immune response against that spine protein, ”explained the CEO.

Holfhof did mention a crucial difference between the two vaccines: the storage temperature. Unlike the Pfizer vaccine, the Oxford and AstraZeneca vaccine should not be stored at a temperature of -80 degrees Celsius. “Our medicine can simply be kept in a refrigerator,” he said.

Andrew Pollard, an Oxford professor, said earlier this month that he expected the vaccine to be available before Christmas.


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