Second-hand market: crypto decay makes graphics cards cheaper

Used graphics cards have become significantly cheaper due to the slump in cryptocurrencies.

For a long time, graphics cards, whether new or used, were almost unaffordable. The boom in cryptocurrencies was responsible for this. With the current slump in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co., the used market is now being literally flooded with graphics cards. This leads to falling prices that stricken players can now take advantage of.

Half prices for graphics cards

TomsHardware reports that Nvidia graphics cards in particular have become up to 50 percent cheaper in recent months. It is estimated that crypto miners have bought up more than a third of all consumer graphics cards in recent years. Since mining is no longer worthwhile, many GPUs are now ending up on Ebay and other auction platforms. As a result, the graphics cards are only half the price they were a few months ago. Industry experts expect prices for used graphics cards to fall further in the coming months.

Be careful when buying used!

However, the purchase of used graphics cards is also associated with risks. Compared to new goods, the lower prices are attractive. But the GPUs are already worn out due to years of mining. As a result, the graphics cards could only do their work in their own gaming computer for a few months. So if you buy a used graphics card, you should make sure that it doesn’t quit service soon. Cleaning the fans therefore seems just as appropriate as replacing the thermal paste that may have dried out. Anyone who follows these rules may be able to snag a real bargain on the used market.

How to refresh your old graphics card

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