Secret Netflix Codes: Find Hide Movies & Series

Are you looking for new films and series on Netflix but always getting the same categories suggested? Then these secret codes are the solution to your streaming dilemma.

If you feel like you can’t find any new content on Netflix, it’s simply because of the Netflix algorithm. Mostly, it suggests the film and series titles that match your previous streaming behavior. However, to break out of this bubble and to find completely new, as yet undiscovered categories, the secret Netflix codes help.

At Netflix, every category and every genre such as horror, comedy, action & Co. has its own code, which consists of a series of numbers. You can use these codes to find thousands of streaming content that the algorithm would otherwise never display.

How to enter the Netflix codes

The codes only work via a direct link in the browser. For the Netflix app and on the smart TV, however, there is a simple detour.

In the browser:

At the link, replace “XXX” with one of the number codes listed below and you will see the desired category. We have already created the links to the respective view for you – simply click on the category and you will jump to the website. To see the content, you need to log in to your account.

In the app:

First enter the URL in the browser on your smartphone or tablet. If the Netflix app is installed, it should open with the desired category.

On the smart TV:

Unfortunately, only a small detour works here. First, go to the link you want through your browser, log into Netflix, find a movie or series, and tap the “+” icon to add it to your list. You can then play the title directly on the Smart TV.

The Netflix codes at a glance


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