Secret spacecraft X-37B: Air Force gives rare insight

That from Boeing developed experimental Spacecraft X-37B has completed 5 missions and has spent several years in orbit. What exactly was transported on these flights, or what experiments were carried out, was always unknown. This has also brought conspiracy theorists to the table in the past.

Now on May 16, the 6th mission is just around the corner and for the first time the Air Force gives a somewhat closer look at what will be on board the X-37B.

“This sixth mission is a big step for the X-37B program,” said Randy Walden, Director and Program Manager of the Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office Department responsible for the Spacecraft responsible for.”


It will be the first mission to use a service module to carry out experiments. This is an extension in the rear with which additional payload can be transported.

One of the experiments will involve a device manufactured by the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory was built. According to the Air Force, the solar-powered microwave laser converts solar energy into high-frequency microwave energy, which could then be transmitted to the ground. Such experiments with comparable devices have been done in the past, but they have always failed.


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