Secure PlayStation 5 plus green electricity tariff for only 249 euros

Do something good for the environment and as a reward receive a Playstation 5 with two free controllers at a great price. This is made possible by the electricity provider E for Easy.

The PS5 costs once in this package

only 249 euros

instead of the previous 299 euros. But you have to book the cheap electricity tariff. In addition, the basic price of the “MeinSmartTarif” tariff was recently reduced by 5 euros per month. You can currently save an additional 60 euros a year with the already low electricity tariff. You can calculate your electricity price here.

PS 5 with accessories for 249 euros + green electricity tariff with 24 months price guarantee

Sony’s Playstation 5 is still very much in demand, but has been hard to come by in stores for months – it’s “sold out” everywhere. But if you want to change your electricity provider soon, you can get a Playstation 5 for less than you thought!

The trick

: You book a green electricity tariff for 24 months and receive the Sony Playstation 5 Standard for a one-time additional payment of 249 euros (the console normally costs around 500 euros).

To the offer: PlayStation 5 with 2 controllers for 249 euros + green electricity tariff from E as in simple

The PS5 bundle comes with 2 controllers.


Playstation 5 premium package

is at the


of the provider E like simply coupled. Your advantage: You will receive one

Price guarantee for 24 months

and obtain 100 percent of their electricity from renewable energy sources. The electricity contract is managed via app and online. The service is available around the clock.

And the price for your electricity supply? Enter your postal code and the annual consumption in kWh and you will immediately receive your personal monthly price with all tariff details.

When will I get the PlayStation 5?

E for Easy indicates that you will usually receive the console after 14 days. One of the prerequisites is that you have already made the one-time additional payment and that the contract has been confirmed. As soon as the PS5 is on its way to you, you will be informed by e-mail from the logistics partner.

PlayStation 5 with accessories for 249 euros + green electricity tariff from E as in simple

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