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The Eblocker was a so-called security box for the home network. It consisted of a mini PC and the Eblocker operating system. At the end of last year, however, the Eblocker company had to file for bankruptcy.

In practice, this means the following: If you want to use a security box with Eblocker, you need a Raspberry Pi version 2, 3 or 3 B + or a Banana Pi version M2 or M2 + as well as the Eblocker system. You can get it for free at to download. There is also step-by-step instructions for installing the system on a mini PC. Those who follow these instructions will receive their own security box, the software of which will be maintained by a team financed by donations. If there are only a few donations, there are only bug fixes and free filter lists against unwanted data trackers. If the project can collect enough donations, it can also buy filter lists for a fee and make them available to all Eblocker users. You can find an overview of the donation status on the project website, where you can donate yourself.

In a video they played, the creators of the Eblocker project show what the advertising industry can learn about an unprotected internet user.

We find the Eblocker system recommendable for all users for whom good data protection on the Internet is important. Because the Eblocker offers tracking protection, an ad blocker and IP obfuscation via the Tor network for surfing the Internet and the possibility of masking your device. For a website operator, your PC can appear like a smartphone or vice versa. This makes sense for online shops that change their prices depending on the device used. The protection of the eblocker applies to the entire network, i.e. computers, smartphones and tablets. Even the browser of the e-book reader Kindle benefits from the eblocker.

We tested the Eblocker a few years ago. Then as now, we like the handling very much, because setting up and operating the Eblocker is extremely easy. You only need to connect the Eblocker to your router using a LAN cable and supply it with power. The rest happens fully automatically, because the Eblocker reconfigures all devices via ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) so that your relevant data traffic runs over it. We find this sensationally convenient, and in our test with three networks it worked without any problems, including a Spotify Connect hi-fi system and a blood pressure monitor with a cloud connection. To make the changes take effect faster, we restarted our PCs. Subsequently, Eblocker’s data protection took effect immediately. However, there are also a number of complaints on the Internet that automatic configuration is causing problems.

After the quick setup, the Eblocker is only noticeable when surfing in the browser. On most websites, he shows his Eblocker symbol in the top right. The tool is very easy to use.

Some websites exclude users from ad blockers, such as Accordingly, as an Eblocker user, when you visit the site, you will only see the information that you either have to deactivate your adblocker or use the paid version of The ad blocker can then simply be switched off using the Eblocker symbol. Tracking protection is retained, at least if this is possible. Ad networks and tracking networks are usually closely linked and often identical.


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