Security Council: Museums, markets and hairdressers are allowed to open from May 18

The National Security Council has made some new decisions regarding the relaxation of corona measures. These have to do with the cultural sector, but there is now also a decision about the markets and hairdressers.

In the press conference, Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès emphasized the importance of the cultural sector, which was severely affected by the measures. We will enter phase 2 of the easing from 18 May, and this will involve many different measures.

Museums, zoos and attractions

Museums and cultural sites such as monuments are allowed to open their doors again. However, account must be taken of the rules related to social distancing. So only a limited number of visitors will be allowed at the same time. In addition, an online ticketing service must be used, which provides a clear overview of the number of visitors.

Zoos are also allowed to reopen their doors. In addition, the toys and cafeterias must remain closed. The same rules apply here with regard to online ticket sales.

Finally, libraries may also reopen their doors, but here too the rules regarding social distancing must be respected. To support the cultural sector, artists will have easier access to replacement income and the tax shelter.


Markets may also continue from Monday 18 May. These are markets with a maximum of 50 stalls. Here too it is necessary that a distance of at least one and a half meters is respected between the different customers.

Mouth masks are mandatory for market vendors. It is recommended for customers to wear a mouth mask, but this is not mandatory.


Hairdresser corona

Many have probably been waiting for it with their “coupe quarantine”, but finally hairdressers are allowed to open their doors again. This is subject to strict conditions.

For example, hairdressers may only receive customers by appointment, there must be sufficient distance (at least one and a half meters) between the customers and everything between different customers must be disinfected. In addition, both the hairdresser and his or her customers must wear a mouth mask. Offering a drink or snack during the hairdressing is prohibited.

Sports and leisure

Sports clubs may restart the lessons, but this is only allowed if the measures related to social distancing are respected. The training must take place in the open air, in the presence of a coach and in groups of maximum 20 people.

The cafeterias to have another drink after exercise should still be closed. No decision has yet been made about fitness halls.

Funerals and wedding services

The last relaxation has to do with the marriage and funeral services. From May 18, a maximum of 30 guests may be present.

It is not yet possible to hold a large wedding party, but you can meet in a limited circle. Here too, sufficient distance must be kept. Receptions and coffee tables are still prohibited.

Not until 8 June next relaxation

These new measures will be maintained until at least June 8. Only then will the Security Council meet again to discuss the third phase of the relaxation. Only then will we find out what will happen, for example, with summer youth camps, second homes and tourism.

Wilmès also made it clear that she understands that it has been difficult to follow the rules since the relaxation. “It is easier to follow the rules when everything is prohibited.” The prime minister mainly refers to the official website of the federal government to consult the appropriate measures. “There will be no return to normal business before the summer,” Sophie Wilmès emphasized. The third phase of 8 June will therefore not yet be the last phase of the relaxation.


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