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After Google upgraded its Chrome browser to version 103, several manufacturers of other Chromium-based browsers reacted quickly and also provided updates to fix some vulnerabilities.

On June 21st, Google released the first stable Chrome version 103.0.5060.53. In it, the Google developers have eliminated 14 security holes. Several manufacturers of Chromium-based browsers have now followed suit and updated their software. So far, these are Brave, Vivaldi and Microsoft (Edge). Opera takes longer than the other manufacturers again.


released its new browser version 1.40.105 on the same day as Google. Like Chrome, it is based on Chromium version 103.0.5060.53. the


-Developers released Vivaldi 5.3.2679.61 a day later. It contains the Chromium version 102.0.5005.136. On such occasions, Vivaldi often uses an updated version from the previous Chromium generation, in which the known security gaps are also closed. It may even be that Vivaldi completely omits the current Chromium generation and uses Chromium 104 for Vivaldi 5.4. It would not be the first time.

▶The latest security updates

On Thursday, Opera updated its browser to version 88.0.4412.53. However, the insecure Chromium version 102.0.5005.115 from June 9th is still working in it. Opera 89 based on Chromium 103 is still in beta.


also posted Edge version 103.0.1264.37 on Thursday. Like Chrome and Brave, it is based on Chromium 103.0.5060.53. In addition to the Chromium vulnerabilities, Microsoft has also fixed two Edge-specific vulnerabilities. The vulnerabilities CVE-2022-30192 and CVE-2022-33638 could allow an attacker to gain higher privileges and are classified as medium risk (despite CVSS 8.3).

Chromium-based browsers at a glance:



Chromium version

Google Chrome


103.0.5060.53 🟢



103.0.5060.53 🟢

Microsoft Edge


103.0.5060.53 🟢



102.0.5005.115 🟠



102.0.5005.136 🟢

Chromium-based browsers as of 6/23/2022

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