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After another security update for Chrome, several manufacturers of other Chromium-based browsers have followed suit and also provided updates to fix several security gaps.

On July 19th, Google released another security update for Chrome 103. In it, the Google developers have eliminated 11 security vulnerabilities. Several manufacturers of Chromium-based browsers have now followed suit and updated their software. So far, these are Brave, Vivaldi and Microsoft (Edge). With Opera it takes longer again.

Brave already released its new browser version 1.41.99 on July 20th. Like Chrome, it is based on Chromium version 103.0.5060.134. With version 1.41.100, which was made available the following day, the manufacturer fixed a bug that could cause the browser to crash when searching.

Vivaldi followed suit on July 21, but again chose a slightly different path. Chromium 102.0.5005.167 from the Extended Stable Channel is in Vivaldi 5.3.2679.70. The corresponding blog entry does not reveal which security gaps have been eliminated. At the latest in Vivaldi 5.4, which will be released in August based on Chromium 104, all previously known Chromium vulnerabilities should be fixed.

▶The latest security updates

Microsoft released an update to the new Edge version 103.0.1264.71 based on Chromium 103.0.5060.143 late on July 22, long after the weekend in Europe. Like Chrome and Brave, Edge is free of known Chromium vulnerabilities. Nothing recognizable has happened at Opera yet. Chromium 103.0.5060.114 from July 4 is still working in Opera 89.0.4447.51.

Chromium-based browsers at a glance:



Chromium version

Google Chrome


103.0.5060.134 🟢



103.0.5060.134 🟢

Microsoft Edge


103.0.5060.134 🟢



103.0.5060.114 🟠



102.0.5005.167 🟡

Chromium-based browsers as of 2022-07-22

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